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For the last half century, processing has been an integral part of the food industry. Simply put, food processing is the conversion of raw ingredients by physical or chemical means into food. The types of processing involved includes a variety of different activities. This includes boiling, broiling, grilling, frying, macerating, pickling, pasteurization, mincing, emulsification and Read More →

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Vacuum packing machines are fast becoming the best and most popular way to store your food products at home. Using Tupperware type products, cling film or foil to package your products before storing do not prevent your food products from spoiling because they do not prevent the access of organisms that cause spoilage. Vacuum packing Read More →

It is a commonly accepted fact that eating a healthy diet is a practice we should all adopt if we want to improve our general well being. A quick reminder of the beneficial impact of doing so is often the catalyst to getting us back on track to reaching for the healthy alternatives to the Read More →

Our fast paced lifestyle in the twenty first century doesn’t always seems conducive to consistently following a healthy eating regime. However we are what we eat and to keep our mind and body performing at the optimum level it does warrant our attention. What we eat today will ultimately have an impact on our health Read More →