Why Breakfast Is So Important For A Healthy Diet

It is a commonly accepted fact that eating a healthy diet is a practice we should all adopt if we want to improve our general well being. A quick reminder of the beneficial impact of doing so is often the catalyst to getting us back on track to reaching for the healthy alternatives to the processed foods were are surrounded by on a daily basis. Probably one of the most obvious benefits is weight control. With a significant rise in obesity in the UK and the associated problems of high blood pressure and the risk of Type 2 diabetes weight control is one of the key advantages of a balanced diet.

To ensure we stay on track we should start each day as we mean to go on with the first meal of the day. This should always be breakfast. Sleeping through the night is a natural form of fasting so when we wake our blood sugar levels are generally low. By eating a healthy breakfast of grains, dairy, fruit and protein we not only provide the body with essential nutrients but the fuel it desperately needs to function. It also kick starts our metabolism which helps us burn calories throughout the day.

However be prudent about the choices you make for breakfast and always read the labels on cereals as they are notorious for their high sugar content.  A sugar laden breakfast of fruit juice, toast and jam and leading brands of breakfast cereal could easily take you over the recommended daily sugar allowance of 30g which is the equivalent to seven teaspoons of sugar for an adult.  A sugar laden breakfast will give a quick injection of energy but within a few hours you will be left feeling hungry. People who opt for this type of breakfast or no breakfast at all tend to snack before lunchtime; often reaching for high fat, high sugar convenience foods which are empty in calories and nutrients.

By simply swapping sugary cereal for a bowl of delicious porridge topped with fresh fruit or nuts or replacing toast and jam for wholegrain bread topped with smashed avocado will get your day of to a better start.  And if you start as you mean to carry on the chances are the rest of the day will pan out nicely too. Small changes often lead to big results so why not start day on the road to a healthier, happier life today.

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