Five Key Points of A Healthy Diet

Our fast paced lifestyle in the twenty first century doesn’t always seems conducive to consistently following a healthy eating regime. However we are what we eat and to keep our mind and body performing at the optimum level it does warrant our attention. What we eat today will ultimately have an impact on our health in the future. A diet of processed food lacking in nutrition will not give our body the nutrients it needs for maintenance and repair; eventually culminating in ill health. Eating a healthy diet today will not only ensure we look and feel better now but it will it will help prevent illnesses in the future.

Our Mediterranean cousins have a different approach to us here in the UK; spending a higher proportion of their net income on fresh produce. The typical Mediterranean diet includes fresh fruit, vegetables and fish with a limited amount meat and abundance of olive oil.  As a result they tend to live longer, healthier lives.  So next time you find yourself reaching for processed foods packed with additives and low in nutrition here are a few points to make you think again

  1. A healthy diet helps you live longer

Eat a healthy diet consistently and you will reap what you sow. You will significantly reduce your chances of developing illnesses such as cancer, heart disease, high blood pressure, dementia, diabetes, depression, memory loss and arthritis.

A healthy diet improves your mood

It is amazing how quickly you will feel better after starting to eat a healthier diet. Your quality of sleep will improve which will leave you feeling more alert throughout the day and able to stay more focused. As your energy levels remain stable your mood will remain consistent. All of which will help you feel positive and increase self-confidence.

A healthy diet helps you increase productivity

Your digestive system transforms the food you eat into glucose which is the energy source for your brain and body. When you eat too much or too little or the wrong type of food and your energy suffers. When you eat just the right amount of healthy food you will maintain a consistent level of energy throughout the day. This in turn will help increase your focus and subsequently your productivity.

A healthy diet helps you look good

Processed food is generally high in calories which if unused end up stored in the body as unsightly fat. The lack of nutrition often leads to dull skin and hair and nails that tend to split. Switching to a healthier diet not only results in weight loss but glowing skin, hair and nails.

A healthy diet helps with weight loss

Junk food is made up of empty calorie foods high in energy but low in nutrients and fiber.  By simply switching to healthier food choices such as fruit, vegetables, legumes, nuts, fish and lean meat and sensibly controlling portion sizes weight loss can be easily achieved without the need to laboriously count calories.

Do not confuse a healthy diet with one where you deprive yourself of the foods you love. If you make the right decisions the majority of the time then the occasional indulgence will not be problematic. You will however see an overall improvement in your appearance with the benefit of weight loss and the long term the prevention of disease.  So make a change today to live a happier tomorrow.

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